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5. 2014-04-04 17:15:18 ... Related Questions. Question 1 . Top Answer. Julius Caesar Act I Questions Act 1 Scene 1 1. Ask your question. Join now. A summary of Part X (Section1) in William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. 3.identify and explain the cobbler's puns 4. why are marullus and flavius upset about caesars triumphant return? Join now. What is the Soothsayer's advice to Caesar? Ask your question. 9th - 12th grade . by susancwiggs. English. Julius Caesar-Act 1 DRAFT. Act I. 30 seconds . The Question and Answer section for Julius Caesar is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. 5. ... 10 Questions Show answers. 1. barren (adj) unable to have children 2. blunt (adj) direct, to the point (to the point of rudeness) 3. conspirator (n) one who is involved in a secret plan 4. countenance (n) face 5. encompass (v) to surround or include 6. 3. This close reading assessment features 9 text-dependent, high-order questions to promote improved reading comprehension and analysis of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar (Act 2, Scene 1) with emphasis on the development of Cassius's conspiracy against Caesar. Explain the difference between the views of Caesar held by Cassius and Brutus. I couldn't get these questions help please.. 1. what is the significance of Marullus' rebuke of the commoners? Two tribunes are trying to … Log in. 20th. 1. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Act 1 Scene 2 of Julius Caesar Casca remains onstage with Brutus and Cassius and tells them that the three shouts they heard were because Antony offered Caesar the crown three times, but he turned it down each time. Log in. 30 seconds . 15th. 0. 2. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Julius Caesar and what it means. ... and is from Act 1 scene 1 of Shakepeare's Julius Caesar. 1. krajpurohit123456789 krajpurohit123456789 04.09.2020 English Secondary School +5 pts. 30th. All line numbers given are approximate to help you locate the answer to the question. SURVEY . answer choices . Caesar's power is increasing in Rome, and he is much-loved by the populace. Summarize act 1 of Julius Caesar. A trade, sir, that I hope I may use with a safe conscience, which is indeed, sir, a mender of … 84% average accuracy. Q. Wiki User Answered . "ides" represents which day of the month? Name:_____ Julius Caesar Study Guide: Act I Vocabulary: Write down the definition for each of the following vocab words from Act I. In Scene I, what do Flavius and Marcellus want the commoners to do? Caesar clearly gives his thoughts about Cassius. Played 268 times. Julius Caesar act 1 scene 1 question and answer - 22147802 1. Q. Act 1 of Julius Caesar establishes the setting and conflict central to this play. 2. Julius Caesar Short Answer Study Guide Page 2. Tags: Question 2 . 3 years ago. What does he say? COB. SURVEY . Julius Caesar: Act 1, Scene 1 Julius Caesar: Act 1, Scene 2 Julius Caesar: Act 1, Scene 3 Julius Caesar: Act 2, Scene 1 Julius Caesar: Act 2, ... Answer me directly. 0. 1st. 4. Why does the second commoner pun?

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